Metaverse is a virtual environment that users have constructed. When we first started creating Second City, we focused on 'unity.' Unity provides users with easy access and the ability to create whatever they desire. Everything you need can be created with unity and bought and used from the asset store.

1. ​ Bulding Structure

Second City is essentially meant to allow you to purchase land and construct any structure you want on it, allowing to run whatever business of your desire. The second city's construction structure is the solution to "whatever you want." The existing metaverse have an open structure, with characters entering the building and ascending the stairs to the upper floors. This will make it simple and enjoyable to use the game company's building system or tools, but the functions that can be performed are extremely limited in terms of contents. This is because users can't develop functionalities that they are not provided with. It's also unrealistic. Who, in real life, would use the stairwell to climb to the second story and then jump down to the first? It's more realistic to simply take the elevator to the 2nd and 3rd floors and then teleport to the remaining floors for the place to become like independent spaces. Yes, the essence of Second City is that the first floor is an open structure, but from the second story it is built in the shape of a mini-world that can be accessed by elevator warps.

Building Structure
of Mini World 

Buildings can be used to manufacture and serve anything, which is why mini-world structures are important from the second floor indicated above. For instance, when a video contents business is serviced at a metaverse by building an English academy, open buildings cannot selectively manage access, have no privacy in conversations, or prevent content from leaking out. In addition, there is no way to take payment in exchange for access. The story will be radically different if the second, third, and fourth levels are all in the shape of each mini-world, because each floor can be selectively controlled, it is a private area, and you may profit from ticket purchases and rent each floor to various people. Learn about the possibilities for constructing a mini-world in Second City.

Building lease is available by the number of floors. 

An open-type building can be rented all year, although we are unsure of who would want to rent it. This is because there is little that can be done. Second City tenants can rent each floor to different people and use Unity to create Mini World functionality as much as they like. Lessors can also have access to the space and utilize it as a house or create a revolutionary universe with just one idea.

You can operate a company.

The limit of the existing metaverse lies at the problem of the absence of mini-worlds, in which there was a collection of mini-worlds without open-worlds and give builders, or there was simply an open-worlds. Second City lets you to purchase property, construct buildings, set up offices on each floor, and establish an environment where only employees with access to the floor can go to work.

You can do contents businesses.

It will also be able to start a content or platform business. The metaverse, which is a collection of existing mini-worlds, can also construct the world on its own, but the challenge is at scalability. That is why we have selected unity. Builders offered by game developers tend to limit the world that can be created. Second City can feature all of the functions and operations of any Unity-developed content.