Second City


Second City


Hwang Jung-man

Professor, Hanyang University
CEO and Center Director, Hanyang University

Shim Kyung-sub

Former Director, Graduate School of Business, Dankook University Ph.D. in Economics, University of London

Kwon Hyung-nam

Chairman, Korea Integrated Payment Research Institute Chairman, Korean Social Enterprise Association

Lee Chang-won

President, Korean Academy of Management Professor, Graduate School of Business, Hanyang University

Kang Joo-seop

Professor, College of Medicine, Hanyang University Director, Professorial Social Contribution Division CEO, PharmBrain

Lee Hae-deok

Founder / Medical Doctor Romarinda International School Romarinda University

Kim Moon-soo

Former Director, National Tax Service Ph.D. in Taxation

Kim Ho-yoon

Chief Judge, Seoul Central District Court Chief Judge, Seoul Southern District Court Chief Judge, Uijeongbu District Court

So Jae-seon

Former Professor, College of Law, Kyung Hee University Doctor of Jurisprudence

Park Cheol-hee

Former Director, Maeil Business Newspaper Vice Chairman, Korean Association for Character Education

Park Dae-hong

CEO, Asia Telecommunications Private Telecommunications Company Representative

Jang In-bo

Directed congratulatory performances for the G20 Summit 
Directed the gala show for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

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